My acne story.

I guess it’s time for me to share a piece of my own to everyone, a reality of what I’ve been going through ever since and be more open about myself and my struggles in this fight where I can’t seem to win. I’ve been wanting to share this but my inner self is holding back because I fear people would judge and reject me. Well I hope not. Now, I finally have the courage to accept the situation and face it without hesitations and apprehensions.

And yes, this is my acne story. (If you’re currently eating might as well finish your food before your stomach gets upset with the things you are about to read.)

I started having pimples when I was in second year highschool which I find pretty normal since it’s the time when your hormones are changing and all the related adolescence stuff explanation. I didn’t look at it as a problem not until when I reached third year highschool and my face started to swell, with several pimples all over my face, blackheads starts to appear, pimple marks are too visible and a few zits that already caused scars on my face. I felt worried. I didn’t know what to do.

I consulted my friends and was given tons of advises from the basic “take enough rest”, “drink glutathione”, “use perla”, “apply panoxyl” and even “ask for your sister’s used napkin and wipe the blood on your face” Yes, it’s as disgusting as that. You know, highschool.

I followed all their advices except the last one of course. I also tried almost all kinds of soaps, toner and creams, from the cheapest to the most expensive still my pimples did not disappear. I even felt it was more aggravated, probably because of constantly changing of facial products. I felt anxious. I wanted to get rid of it because a.) It doesn’t look good b.) I’m starting to admire someone and having a pimple would make me less noticeable and c.) Who loves pimple anyway?

I reached fourth year highschool and things got worst. My face is as red as tomato, huge pimples with puss on it, acne marks and scars are already visible some even with blood. Prom and graduation came, still all these imperfections are on my face. That is the reason I never really enjoyed highschool that much. I lost my self confidence. It affected me so much. I felt inadequate.

I started searching for the best remedy, didn’t eat sweets and did whatever it takes to somehow improve my face. Luckily, a friend advised me to try the “dalacin c formula”. It’s not costly and easy to prepare. It worked wonders for me, pimples starts to clear and my complexion improved. The miracle lasted for more than 5 years. My self confidence was renewed, started to receive “you look good” compliments, I felt better and was able to bounce back again. That was by far my glory days! I even won a pageant and several competitions. It’s not that I’m bragging, just trying to make a point. But I guess, all good things just have to end. My pimples had their revenge and this time, even more tougher and stronger “pimple formula” that my “dalacin c formula” can’t cope up with it. I was left wondering what just happened, I can’t even think of living that “pimpled” life again. The pain and agony of going through it again, I just cant take it!

Here’s a photo when “dalacin c formula” seems to go well with my face.



Living a “pimpled face” is never easy. Not everyone knows this, but I went through depression. I didn’t want to talk to anyone, I felt not good enough, I felt so insecure and down that I came to a point of attempting suicide for so many times. Yes, you read it right. I know, you might think it’s too shallow.  I know not everyone will understand, that’s also the reason why I didn’t share this to my friends not even my family. But for me and the people living with acne the struggle is damn real, the pain and suffering of having all these puss!

It’s even harder for me because in the industry I belong, looking well groomed and being confident is very important and having acne is of no good! People I work with won’t notice this but I’m honestly just pushing myself to be confident and put on that fake smile to look as happy as possible simply because my job requires me to be, but behind that smile and that oh so confident guy lies all my insecurities and a broken confidence. As of writing, I have 7 new pimples that just popped up and guess what, I have a hosting job tomorrow. Now, how am I supposed to feel good about myself with all of these zits!

I hope I have a better story to tell you on my next post. As for now, join me in my 90 days to clear skin!

By the way, this is how I look now. (Obviously, no filter)

If you’ve been through the same thing, kindly post a comment, it will be comforting to know that I’m not alone in this battle.

Boy Pimple.

41 thoughts on “My acne story.

  1. I am suffering with acne as well.. it started around 2015 when I excessively gained weight and pimples were starting to show up. I didn’t care much by then as I was so busy with school stuff. Until it got worse in the following year so I decided i will be focusing on my pimple when I finished my studies. I tried different products (except maxipeel) including organic products but didn’t work out for me. Last May 2017 I decided to use Maxipeel.. I was a bit worried cuz I’ve seen a lot of bad feedbacks about maxipeel but I was desperate. Now, my pimples are only few but my face is way better lol I only use maxipeel if i have breakouts..

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  2. Na-try mo na bang mag-consult sa dermatologist? I have severe acne as well, cystic acne to be exact. Yung tipong kasing laki ng 25 centavo. Usually yung ganitong pimple hindi na madadala ng astringent or mga cream lang. Dapat daw oral medication na. Interested ako sa journey mo na ito, or should I say natin. Aabangan ko ang mga future updates mo regarding dito.


    • Yes po. I already consulted a dermatologist, they gave me antibiotic and anti inflammatory pero it didn’t have that much on my face. I still got zits. What did you do to atleast control your pimples? I’m glad there is someone who can relate to me. Hope you could also share your acne story.

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      • Anong antibiotic na ang mga tinake mo? Ako simula yata nung 2004 nagti-take na ako ng Doxycycline every time may malalaki akong cystic acne. Dati mga 3 days pa lang kita mo na yung epekto, ngayon more than 1 week na pero parang hindi mo pa kita yung effects. Mukhang na-immune na yata yung katawan ko sa Doxy.

        Nung 2006 nag-take din ako ng Acnetrex (Isotretinoin). Bukod sa ang mahal ng gamot, ang dami pang side effects. As in! After a few months, grabe ang ganda ng kutis ko. Pero more than a year lang nagsimula na silang magbalikan. Kaya ayun, hanggang ngayon nakikipag-laban pa din ako sa acne.

        Last month niresetahan ako ng 2nd Derma ko to take Tetralysal for 1 month. Mas malakas daw ito compare sa Doxy. Right now matatapos na yung 1 month ko, and I must say na clear na ang skin ko. Malalaman natin kung ano ang mangyayari pag tinigil ko na.


  3. You are not alone! I went through this and it made junior high miserable. I had it bad! There were times I had zits on top of other zits, not joking! My son started at the age of 10. I began taking him to a dermatologist at that time and he has done it all. Creams, antibiotics, Prescription strength retinoic acid A (twice). He is 21 now and still needs two creams to keep it to a minimum, but it is not completely gone yet.
    There were times when something would work, but never a permanent solution. He has a beard now, which seems to help, but I know he would be thrilled to stop having to use anything.
    Time will help, as will the hormones calming down. Hang in there, so many of us understand what you are going through!

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  4. Acne is only temporary. An important reminder, as this is something I often forget. It does not define who you are unless you let it define you.


  5. Sobrang relate na relate ako , Every time na lumalabas ako ng bahay feeling ko outcast ako sa society na puro perfect ang alam. Na minsan pa pag may gusto kang isang bagay nauudlot dahil sa Acne. I know some people couldn’t understand the struggles . But everything has come to an end naman, Matatapos rin po natin yan haha


    • It’s really hard. Sometimes you cant help but feel insecure. Minsan naiisip mo bakit yung ibang tao walang effort sa skin nila pero they still have good skin. It’s frustrating sometimes. It’s really good to know na merong tao who understands. Anong remedy ang mga nagawa mo? I hope you are in a good condition now. Let’s just remember that acne should never stop us from achieving the things we want! We can do this!


      • I consulted dermatologist about my condition , and umabot na talaga sya sa severe then syempre nag undergo rin ako ng treatment for I think 1 year rin ata halos . Nag clear talaga sya , as in nawala walang rin marks but that was until 3 years ago . Bumalik sya pero di na ganon sa ka grabe dati pero severe parin sya kung titignan mo hahaha , I’ve almost tried all the products na nirecommend sakin kahit mahal pinatos kona kaso wala , I even tried apple cider pero wala parin. But finally ngayon may nahiyang sakin , yung rejuv ni Dr. Alvin HAHAH I’m not trying po to endorse something or what haa pero maniwala kayo sa hindi . Effective talaga sya , dati di talaga ako naniwala kasi natatakot ako kasi kadalasan nabibili lang talaga sya sa tabi-tabi pero effectibe talaga sya . At sinabayan ko sya nung BL , kung familiar po kayo dyan. Nakakatawa pero totoo talagang effective sakin yan sila , but hindi ko naman sinasabi na yung skin ko ay bumalik na sya dati pero sobrang layo ng pinagbago ng skin ko , Sa lahat dito lang talaga ako nahiyang . Yung set po ng rejuv ang ginamit ko pati yung sabon.


      • Anong treatment yun? I can relate to that. Kahit gaano ka expensive bili ka parin hoping it would clear your acne. I think apple cider vinegar is good for people who are not acidic. I also tried it and got pimples because my body is acidic! Ang dami kailangan consider in treating acne! Haha. I tried doc alvin ang challenge lang is hindi ko kaya! sobrang hapdi. Haha. It’s good to know your ok now!


  6. It’s not much that I can relate to, but having insecurities is something. It feels like you’re restricted. Also, I’ve seen some friends who also suffer with the same problem and I feel sorry for them. 😦


      • Makinis lang sa picture tong sakin. hehe .. Di seryoso, we all have insecurities, but it’s up to each of us na rin how to deal with them. Can’t let our insecurities drag us down. Sometimes kasi, our greatest enemy is ourselves. We overthink, we get conscious.


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