Beautederm: Dries up pimples in 3 days!

Weeks ago I was hospitalized because of amoeba. I don’t know exactly why, where or how I got it. Some says it’s from food or either water but regardless of where I got it, the pain was just too much that I decided to go to the hospital, just because I’m afraid I will get dehydrated. For three days and even after I was discharged from the hospital the doctor prescribed high dosage of antibiotic and medicines, I was literally on drugs and on high most of the time, which caused me to be too lazy to even care how I look like. So that’s how it feels like to be on “high”.

Due to me being so lazy, pimples took advantage of the situation. They started popping out without me noticing it that much. When I was back on my normal sanity I realized that I am already a “Breakout Star” with more than 5 big, red and block buster pimples.

It was too big that even near sighted folks can see it from afar clearly! Yes, it was that big! I was feeling furious about it since I have hosting commitments and 2 photo shoots within the week. You know that feeling when you’re trying to look good but it seems like your face doesn’t cooperate that much!

Ms. Kharnelia of Beautederm Southern Mindanao suggested to use their blemish fix spray for faster healing of zits and it didn’t fail me, in just 3 days my pimples shrinked in size, it started to dry up and eventually just left pimple marks on my face which also started to fade out because of its micro peeling effect making it less visible. I just discovered that It can also be used as spray for back acne or any other areas that has body acne.

It’s now my favorite miracle product for my stubborn acne problems! If you’re looking for a quick fix, this is the right product for you!

Thank you Beautederm for saving me!

8 thoughts on “Beautederm: Dries up pimples in 3 days!

    • Hi! Thanks for reading my post.

      It’s normal most especially if you have sensitive skin. Just put minimal amount on your face, few drops of the toner will do. If your face is really sensitive, try to use it every other day and only during night time. Please also avoid too much sun exposure, wear sunscreen to protect your skin.


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