How to be happy even with ACNE!

   I committed suicide because of acne! Yes, you read it right. Not everyone would understand but suffering from acne really affected my self esteem, mind set and self worth. My acne started when I was in high schooI, the supposed to be “happiest point of a student’s life” but for me it was terrible, I was not able to enjoy much my high school days, didn’t have the confidence to join clubs and school competitions thinking I was not good enough because of how I look, didn’t attend family affairs and all sorts of public gatherings, was very selective in making friends, I felt worthless as a person and the saddest part was I felt UNLOVED and UNAPPRECIATED. I was depressed.

         The pain was just too much to handle for my young self and being happy seems to be so hard during that time. I have no one to talk to and share the pain I was going through because I know most of the people can’t relate and in my fear that my friends might think my problem is just too petty for them to even bother listening.

This is not being exaggerated, this is an honest confession from a guy whose life revolved on it, like getting rid of acne and pimples was the only thing that mattered. But trust me, there is always hope no matter what, Let me share to you effective ways based on my experience that helped me to bounced back and start being happy again even with acne.


This is not an easy thing to do but this is the best way to start a happy life. Look at yourself in the mirror, do a “self check” and be brutally honest with your own self. Acceptance of who you are, what you are, what you are not capable and capable of doing, should start within you!

To live happy in the present, you must learn to love and appreciate yourself for who you are and loving yourself includes accepting even the not-so-great parts of yourself either physically or your attitude. Keep in mind that stressing too much of your acne and imperfections won’t help you, will only worsen your pimples because of “stress hormones” your body releases when you overthink and every time you are depressed. Stop stressing out, it will only cause more pimples from popping out!

Think of this, who will love or appreciate you if you don’t even love yourself enough. Show the world there is much more in you!

Decide to accept yourself now! It’s a process, don’t rush things.

(Photo taken during the healing stage of my acne)


Constantly comparing your yourself to others would always make you feel less of a person. When you see someone who is flawless and pore less on social media you start to feel bad and question why you don’t have it and as a result, your self confidence dwindles down. Most of the times it’s easy to take for granted the things we have because our attention are more focused on all the things we want or the things we don’t have. Keep in mind that there are things you have and you can do that others don’t have.

Instead of comparing yourself, think of ways on how you can improve yourself to be better and feel even better! Focus your attention on “self improvement”.

Appreciate what you have and make the most of it!


Talk to people whom you think can understand you. If you see another person suffering from acne, make friends and start a conversation. It’s always best to share insights and stories with people who can relate and understands what you are going through. You can exchange best practices that worked on your skin, you might learn a lot from each other and would make you feel better knowing you are not alone. You can also join different acne groups online that allows you to share your experiences and read words of encouragement from people who experienced and still experiencing the same thing.


(I still get zits every now and then, but it doesn’t affect me as much as it did before)


Don’t let your acne stop you from doing what you love. Let it be an inspiration that you should strive harder and put an extra effort to achieve your goals! Prove to them that you are capable, you can excel and your pimples is not what defines you as a person. Trust me, when you excel in what you love doing either singing, dancing, writing and even with your job and studies you will start to feel more confident about yourself and people will start to appreciate you of who you truly are as a person. Redirect your attention to things that will make you happy and things you know you can excel! Be a person with substance.

Remember, you can do more!


Choose the right kind of people you hang out or talk with everyday. Be with people who encourages and inspires you to be better and not with people who belittles you and doesn’t believe in you. If you constantly surround yourself with positive and happy people you will attract the same energy from them and will start learning to be happy again even though your pimples are so out there “red and swelling. “

Evaluate your friends or the people you are mostly with on how they gave impact in your life from then you can decipher who are worth keeping. Attract happiness and you will be happy!

And while doing all these things it is still important you keep in mind that life is beautiful, stop wasting your energy stressing on your acne and skin problems, there is more to life than that puss on your face. Know that you are blessed and you are responsible of your own happiness! Acne is just a phase and it should not control your life or hinder your happiness! Your flaws are what makes you unique!


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