What your acne is telling you!

Lately, I observed that I have been getting pimples over and over again in just one to two areas of my face. That’s why I did a little research and I found out that there is such thing as “face mapping” this has been used even before we were born and until now. See google for more information!

Your pimples can be a warning sign that some areas of your body needs a little more of attention. Well for me, I usually have pimples on my chin which means I have a bit of a problem on my small intestines. I should be more careful with what I eat, add a little fiber and more detox. Aside from my chin, I also get zits on my nose, based on the photo it shows how desperate I am for true love! haha. I guess it’s more stress related. I have been juggling so many things these past few weeks, irregular sleep and been thinking a lot lately.

What to do? I think taking quick breather helps, learning to enjoy the process of what I’m doing instead of stressing over it and most importantly I should manage your time well to avoid or even minimize stress!

Solving your acne problem is not just really all about topical creams and supplements, it’s also very important to listen to what your body needs.

Hope this can help you.

Boy Pimple!

4 thoughts on “What your acne is telling you!

    • It’s normal to have pimples for teenagers like you.

      I recommend you try mild facial cleanser, alcohol free toner, water based moisturizer.

      Skip also eating sweets. Eat more fruits and vegetables, it can really help you.


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