Be proud of your flaws and imperfections, it is what makes you unique.

Do not let those over filtered and unrealistic photos you see on social media affect or even question your self worth because there is no truth to that “perfection” it’s either half baked or totally fake!

You are a wonderful person and there is so much more about you than those zits and imperfections you have.Always choose to see the good side in you, what you’re good at and your strengths. You need to believe in yourself first, because if you don’t, who else will.

Don’t let insecurities sink on you because you might end up miserably unhappy. Stop comparing, focus on your own growth and progress!

Embrace your flaws, lift yourself up and live your life!

Soar high!

6 thoughts on “PROUD OF MY SCARS!

  1. This is hard to do when your acne is still very visible!

    it takes a lot of courage to do this! hope I can do it!

    the courage to be confident even with acne!


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