No filter, no cover ups.

Never be afraid to show your flaws, no fliter, no cover ups! ✨

It’s one of the hardest lessons I have learned in dealing with acne and scars. It’s hard to be so real and just be out there looking so raw without concealing any of my imperfections most especially in the world we live in where people notices your flaws first rather than what is good about you.✨

It’s normal to feel afraid of rude comments, feel sad of people pre judging you based on how you look and to feel that urge of wanting to fit in with the standards of “beauty” that the society dictates us.✨

But the question is, why do their opinions matter? It’s because YOU let them matter, wherein fact you are impressing the wrong people. The truth is, even if how hard you try, if they really don’t like you, they still won’t like you even if you are already “perfect” and they will always have something to say so what’s the point of being “perfect”. ✨

You are loved and appreciated by your family, friends, and people who knows your worth beyond your physical appearance. That’s what matters most. Stop seeking attention and pleasing people that won’t matter in the long run. It’s better to be loved by who you truly are rather than to be appreciated of your “fake fabricated image.”✨

Make the brave move! Take little steps first, Do the groceries bare faced, try to meet a friend without wearing any make up on or just simply take a no filter selfie and post it on social media. Trust me, it feels so liberating to just be real! ✨

Remember, it’s ok not to be perfect. Aim for progress not perfection.✨


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