After a few years, I decided to try using Beautederm again since pimples are starting to appear on my face, had a few acne marks and had a dull complexion. I was thinking this is the best time to rejuvenate since we are all under quarantine and stays at home most of the time.

Yes, there were redness and mirco peeling but my skin improved and became smooth. Pimples dries up quickly and it gave me that glow!

Cons aside from visible redness, I still can’t bare their papaya soap, it’s too strong for my sensitive oily skin, still I used it mainly because it’s part of their regimen but I wash it off with water immediately. It has this sting feeling on your face. And my lips also dried up because of the soap and toner.

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I would be posting some of the products I used that work wonders on my face. Hopefully it can help your face heal as well.

Boy Pimple


Topical creams and treatments are not enough to get rid of #Pimples and #Acne you need to feed your body with the right nutrients to help your skin heal and glow. #TestedAndProven

Since my pimples are once again saying hello on my face, I’m now back drinking my favorite juice recipe and I’m sharing this to you and to everyone.

It can greatly help in reducing pimples from popping out and helps heal existing pimples and acne faster! Healing from inside!

If you have any juice recipe best for acne prone skin just like me, kindly let me know.

If you speak english and can’t understand my vlog, just let me know, I will translate it for you! Yes, I will really do, you matter for me!

Just click the link to take a look on how I make my simple juice recipe.


Be proud of your flaws and imperfections, it is what makes you unique.

Do not let those over filtered and unrealistic photos you see on social media affect or even question your self worth because there is no truth to that “perfection” it’s either half baked or totally fake!

You are a wonderful person and there is so much more about you than those zits and imperfections you have.Always choose to see the good side in you, what you’re good at and your strengths. You need to believe in yourself first, because if you don’t, who else will.

Don’t let insecurities sink on you because you might end up miserably unhappy. Stop comparing, focus on your own growth and progress!

Embrace your flaws, lift yourself up and live your life!

Soar high!

How to be happy even with ACNE!

   I committed suicide because of acne! Yes, you read it right. Not everyone would understand but suffering from acne really affected my self esteem, mind set and self worth. My acne started when I was in high schooI, the supposed to be “happiest point of a student’s life” but for me it was terrible, I was not able to enjoy much my high school days, didn’t have the confidence to join clubs and school competitions thinking I was not good enough because of how I look, didn’t attend family affairs and all sorts of public gatherings, was very selective in making friends, I felt worthless as a person and the saddest part was I felt UNLOVED and UNAPPRECIATED. I was depressed.

         The pain was just too much to handle for my young self and being happy seems to be so hard during that time. I have no one to talk to and share the pain I was going through because I know most of the people can’t relate and in my fear that my friends might think my problem is just too petty for them to even bother listening.

This is not being exaggerated, this is an honest confession from a guy whose life revolved on it, like getting rid of acne and pimples was the only thing that mattered. But trust me, there is always hope no matter what, Let me share to you effective ways based on my experience that helped me to bounced back and start being happy again even with acne.


This is not an easy thing to do but this is the best way to start a happy life. Look at yourself in the mirror, do a “self check” and be brutally honest with your own self. Acceptance of who you are, what you are, what you are not capable and capable of doing, should start within you!

To live happy in the present, you must learn to love and appreciate yourself for who you are and loving yourself includes accepting even the not-so-great parts of yourself either physically or your attitude. Keep in mind that stressing too much of your acne and imperfections won’t help you, will only worsen your pimples because of “stress hormones” your body releases when you overthink and every time you are depressed. Stop stressing out, it will only cause more pimples from popping out!

Think of this, who will love or appreciate you if you don’t even love yourself enough. Show the world there is much more in you!

Decide to accept yourself now! It’s a process, don’t rush things.

(Photo taken during the healing stage of my acne)


Constantly comparing your yourself to others would always make you feel less of a person. When you see someone who is flawless and pore less on social media you start to feel bad and question why you don’t have it and as a result, your self confidence dwindles down. Most of the times it’s easy to take for granted the things we have because our attention are more focused on all the things we want or the things we don’t have. Keep in mind that there are things you have and you can do that others don’t have.

Instead of comparing yourself, think of ways on how you can improve yourself to be better and feel even better! Focus your attention on “self improvement”.

Appreciate what you have and make the most of it!


Talk to people whom you think can understand you. If you see another person suffering from acne, make friends and start a conversation. It’s always best to share insights and stories with people who can relate and understands what you are going through. You can exchange best practices that worked on your skin, you might learn a lot from each other and would make you feel better knowing you are not alone. You can also join different acne groups online that allows you to share your experiences and read words of encouragement from people who experienced and still experiencing the same thing.


(I still get zits every now and then, but it doesn’t affect me as much as it did before)


Don’t let your acne stop you from doing what you love. Let it be an inspiration that you should strive harder and put an extra effort to achieve your goals! Prove to them that you are capable, you can excel and your pimples is not what defines you as a person. Trust me, when you excel in what you love doing either singing, dancing, writing and even with your job and studies you will start to feel more confident about yourself and people will start to appreciate you of who you truly are as a person. Redirect your attention to things that will make you happy and things you know you can excel! Be a person with substance.

Remember, you can do more!


Choose the right kind of people you hang out or talk with everyday. Be with people who encourages and inspires you to be better and not with people who belittles you and doesn’t believe in you. If you constantly surround yourself with positive and happy people you will attract the same energy from them and will start learning to be happy again even though your pimples are so out there “red and swelling. “

Evaluate your friends or the people you are mostly with on how they gave impact in your life from then you can decipher who are worth keeping. Attract happiness and you will be happy!

And while doing all these things it is still important you keep in mind that life is beautiful, stop wasting your energy stressing on your acne and skin problems, there is more to life than that puss on your face. Know that you are blessed and you are responsible of your own happiness! Acne is just a phase and it should not control your life or hinder your happiness! Your flaws are what makes you unique!


Boy Pimple

1st Session: MICRONEEDLING for Acne Scars

It’s been quite long since I last posted but rest assured I’m reading all your comments and appreciate it a lot! I actually lost the drive to post pimple related stuff since it’s honestly frustrating seeing it make a big comeback on my face! There would be a time when my skin looks radiant and healthy and by the next day pimples were all over again. How is that even possible? Pimples are just so unpredictable! But you know life shouldn’t stop just because of pimples! And yes, the battle to clear skin continues!

Some of my readers sent messages on my instagram asking me to share my experience when I had my 1st microneedling with Skin Republik. I realized that I should continue writing to share my journey to give even an ounce of hope and inspiration to people who can relate on the things Im going through.

For the benefit of everyone;

“Microneedling (also known as collagen induction therapy) is a minimally invasive treatment to rejuvenate the skin. A device with fine needles creates tiny punctures in the top layer of the skin, which triggers the body to create new collagen and elastin. Results can include improved texture and firmness, as well as a reduction in scars, pore size, and stretch marks. Microneedling may also be combined with a topical treatment, like PRP (platelet rich plasma) or another vitamin-rich serum.” -Real Self

Please do expect unfiltered photos on this post.

So here it goes,

To start, I’m going to show you how my face looks like before the procedure. As you can see both sides of my face has visible acne scars. Combination of ice pick scars, back scars and rolling scars as well. Sad right? Plus there are red active pimples adding color to my pale face which makes me Boy Pimple, your friendly superhero! Haha.

First step, they have to clean your face with a facial wipes and a special cleanser to erase traces of oils, dirt and make up if any. They want to make sure your face is clean before starting the procedure. Right after, they will put topical anesthesia and cover it with a thin cellophane or whatever you may want to call it and let it stay on your face for 30 to 40 minutes. This is the most boring part, you can just sleep or watch a video while waiting. When your face starts to numb that’s when they will start the actual procedure.

Then their comes the magic wand which has tiny hair thin like needles inside it which will be moved all over your face focusing on the area that needs more attention or most flawed. Mine was more on the cheeks. The goal is to have micro wound for faster absorption of serum, to promote collagen production and growth of new skin. Don’t panic if you can smell or perhaps see blood starts to appear on your skin, it’s part of the whole process.

How does it feel? You won’t feel much pain because of the anesthesia but you can still feel the tiny needles on your face and hear the weird sound of the device. It feels like big ants are crawling on your face minus the itchy feeling afterwards. Everything is tolerable.

That’s me on my halloween costume! haha. As what you can see there are still traces of blood and face turns red since it’s swelling a bit.

Trust me it looks painful but it’s not.

I also had PDT after microneedling. What is PDT? Read on.

PDT Acne TreatmentPhotodynamic therapy (PDT) is a multi-use light activated system for destroying abnormal cells and affecting the function of overactive sebaceous glands which are a root cause of acne. Google

Allow me to share with you excerpts from Skin Republik when they posted #MySkinRepublikJourney on their page.

Day 1 of Denisse Aldrin after his first microneedling session. #BoyPimple

Refined pores.
Pimples dried up.
Redness starts to subside.
Dead skin starts to peel. (Nose and chin area)
Complexion and skin texture improved.

Update: 2nd Day after the 2nd Microneedling session of Boy Pimple Denisse Aldrin

Redness starts to subside.
Cystic pimples dries up.
Skin starts to rejuvenate and reveal new skin.
 Acne scars are less visible.

Day 4 of Denisse Aldrin after his first microneedling session. #BoyPimple

Cystic pimple dried up.
Face starts to macro peel (cheeks, forehead, chin) Zoom in photo to see it clearer!
Redness is just 30% visible.
Complexion is clearer and skin texture is refined.
Shallow acne scars are less visible.

Day 10 of Denisse Aldrin after his first microneedling session. #BoyPimple

Lesser pimple growth. Pimples that popped up also reduced in size.
Face is clearer after micro peeling of concerned areas.
No more visible redness
Complexion is more clearer and brighter.
Acne scars are less visible.
Face is more firmer and tighter.

I really recommend Microneedling for acne prone skin, it can help lessen acne growth and makes acne scars less visible and with regular sessions scars will totally fade. It’s not just for acne scars, it can also help improve the appearance of wrinkles and aging skin.

Note, please don’t expect miracle after the 1st session. It would require 3 to 5 sessions to get optimum results.

Just a gentle reminder

Don’t let your pimples stop you from pursuing your dreams! Pimpled or not, keep pushing!

Thank you for reading.

Take a look on my vlog: https://youtu.be/lo2oFALfkKs

Boy Pimple!

Beautederm 7 Day Challenge

I was supposed to share this like a month ago when I started using Beautederm apparently, there’s so many things going on and I have been working hard for a new project! You guys will know about it for sure! Soon! I actually received a lot of messages asking me what happened with my face while using Beautederm, And yes, here I am a bit late but still sharing my “7 day challenge” with Beautederm. I decided to take the challenge in my hope that it could be the answer to my acne problems and it didn’t fail me.

As you can see, there is really visible improvement on my face, pimples reduced in size and number, face is less oily and some pimple marks are not that visible anymore probably because of its micro peeling effect! If you’ll ask about my pimple scars? Well that’s a different story with a more expensive treatment that requires for me to save even more!

In my 7 days of using Beautederm, there’s still pimples popping up but not the “red and big with puss on top kind of pimple” this time it’s just the smaller ones that heals quickly and more treatable .

What I also love about it Beautederm is it has a complete set for a skin care regimen. It actually exceeded the basic one since it has 3 creams you need to apply on your face each night with 5 minutes interval. It’s tedious but worth it.


Overall, I’m satisfied with my Beautederm experience.

To you reading, don’t give up! You’ll find the right product on your face just be really careful with any products you try. I suggest you research well before trying anything. Know the ingredients by heart, read the labels!

Dont forget this: Your acne doesn’t define you. Stay focused with your goals, dont let it stop you! Stay kind, don’t feel insecure, focus on what you already have and enhance it!

Update: April 04, 2020 I tried the 7 days Beautederm challenge and here’s what happened https://youtu.be/tUkEZuA071E

For orders and shipping you can contact their authorized distributor 09988581580.

How about you? What products can you recommend?

Acne story update!

Here’s a look of the productssssss (in its most plural form) I have used for the past two months in my quest for clear skin.

Some of these products might worked on you but sad to say, none of these worked on my face. Except for that lip scrub from Human Nature.

I have tried a lot of products, toners, creams from the cheapest to the most expensive but if you have a combination skin just like me, looking for the perfect products that suits your skin will be more likely as hard as trying to kiss your elbows.

It’s even frustrating when a friend recommends a specific brand that “healed” their zits but apparently when you tried it, did not worked as expected or temporarily “cured” your zits somehow just for a week or two. Well I guess, we all have different skin types, different skin issues that needs different solutions. One thing I have learned in dealing with acne is there’s no such thing as “one size fits all”. It doesn’t mean that if a specific product worked for someone, it would worked on you as well, it’s really important to identify your skin type to know what it needs in order to address the problem.

After all the search for the right skin care prouducts that suits my skin type, I found a product that works well for my skin and it’s Beautederm! It does wonders for me. I’ve been using it for more than a week now and there is really visible difference from day 1. I will be posting a separate update on it.

How about you?

What products have you used before? Share your experience. I will be glad to read them!