No filter, no cover ups.

Never be afraid to show your flaws, no fliter, no cover ups! ✨

It’s one of the hardest lessons I have learned in dealing with acne and scars. It’s hard to be so real and just be out there looking so raw without concealing any of my imperfections most especially in the world we live in where people notices your flaws first rather than what is good about you.✨

It’s normal to feel afraid of rude comments, feel sad of people pre judging you based on how you look and to feel that urge of wanting to fit in with the standards of “beauty” that the society dictates us.✨

But the question is, why do their opinions matter? It’s because YOU let them matter, wherein fact you are impressing the wrong people. The truth is, even if how hard you try, if they really don’t like you, they still won’t like you even if you are already “perfect” and they will always have something to say so what’s the point of being “perfect”. ✨

You are loved and appreciated by your family, friends, and people who knows your worth beyond your physical appearance. That’s what matters most. Stop seeking attention and pleasing people that won’t matter in the long run. It’s better to be loved by who you truly are rather than to be appreciated of your “fake fabricated image.”✨

Make the brave move! Take little steps first, Do the groceries bare faced, try to meet a friend without wearing any make up on or just simply take a no filter selfie and post it on social media. Trust me, it feels so liberating to just be real! ✨

Remember, it’s ok not to be perfect. Aim for progress not perfection.✨


Boy Pimple

What your acne is telling you!

Lately, I observed that I have been getting pimples over and over again in just one to two areas of my face. That’s why I did a little research and I found out that there is such thing as “face mapping” this has been used even before we were born and until now. See google for more information!

Your pimples can be a warning sign that some areas of your body needs a little more of attention. Well for me, I usually have pimples on my chin which means I have a bit of a problem on my small intestines. I should be more careful with what I eat, add a little fiber and more detox. Aside from my chin, I also get zits on my nose, based on the photo it shows how desperate I am for true love! haha. I guess it’s more stress related. I have been juggling so many things these past few weeks, irregular sleep and been thinking a lot lately.

What to do? I think taking quick breather helps, learning to enjoy the process of what I’m doing instead of stressing over it and most importantly I should manage your time well to avoid or even minimize stress!

Solving your acne problem is not just really all about topical creams and supplements, it’s also very important to listen to what your body needs.

Hope this can help you.

Boy Pimple!

Beautederm: Dries up pimples in 3 days!

Weeks ago I was hospitalized because of amoeba. I don’t know exactly why, where or how I got it. Some says it’s from food or either water but regardless of where I got it, the pain was just too much that I decided to go to the hospital, just because I’m afraid I will get dehydrated. For three days and even after I was discharged from the hospital the doctor prescribed high dosage of antibiotic and medicines, I was literally on drugs and on high most of the time, which caused me to be too lazy to even care how I look like. So that’s how it feels like to be on “high”.

Due to me being so lazy, pimples took advantage of the situation. They started popping out without me noticing it that much. When I was back on my normal sanity I realized that I am already a “Breakout Star” with more than 5 big, red and block buster pimples.

It was too big that even near sighted folks can see it from afar clearly! Yes, it was that big! I was feeling furious about it since I have hosting commitments and 2 photo shoots within the week. You know that feeling when you’re trying to look good but it seems like your face doesn’t cooperate that much!

Ms. Kharnelia of Beautederm Southern Mindanao suggested to use their blemish fix spray for faster healing of zits and it didn’t fail me, in just 3 days my pimples shrinked in size, it started to dry up and eventually just left pimple marks on my face which also started to fade out because of its micro peeling effect making it less visible. I just discovered that It can also be used as spray for back acne or any other areas that has body acne.

It’s now my favorite miracle product for my stubborn acne problems! If you’re looking for a quick fix, this is the right product for you!

Thank you Beautederm for saving me!

Poem 003

You told me you’ll stay.

You told me you won’t sway.

You told me let’s not make it fast

Because our love is meant to last.

You told me to keep holding on.

You told me to love you until days goes on.

You told me our love is selfless

But all these were just you, lying and reckless.

You should have just told me.

Outfit on Replay!


We all have that favorite top, jeans and pair of shoes that we have been using for ages probably because we feel comfortable wearing it, we like how it perfectly fits our style or simply you feel at your best wearing it. By simply labeling it as  “favorite” it is often used as a reason to overuse an entire outfit or parts of it over and over again,  and I believe there’s nothing wrong with it for as long it is appropriate for your whereabouts. I mean, if your favorite top is a Hawaiian polo shirt with huge floral prints you would never think to wear it on a formal business meeting or a debut nonetheless you’ll turn yourself into a laughing stock.

Here’s my share of overused outfit. Top from Penshoppe, Jeans from Dickies and Shoes from SM Shoes got all these since I was in college except for the shoes which I bought less than a year ago. I don’t usually go out of the box when it comes to choosing the clothes I wear, I settle for basic and classic pieces that never goes out of style. One thing I also like about it is the fact that you can wear it to almost any ocassion without looking underrated. You can wear it on a small gathering with friends, family dinner or just a date in the park. I’ll be posting more of my favorite outfit here, soon. I actually don’t like using the term “outfit” it sounds too mainstream. Is there any substitute for it? Well, I can’t think of any. Let’s just settle with “outfit” for now.

Proud “outfit” repeater here!


Where I want to be?

This is the same question I often asked myself lately. Where I want to be? It’s a formidable question I find difficult in answering, tougher than problems in algebra.

I have met people whose vision for theirselves is clearer than a bluesky. They know which way to go, what they want and what to do. I envy them like a child jealous of a toy. I wonder how they are able to be firm of the things they want and which road to take. When I asked them how did they know, There answers would mostly revolve around knowing theirselves and their passion.

It striked me, it felt like I was lost all along. I realized that in my eagerness to know how to do everything, learning all sorts of crafts and skills, I was slowly becoming a jack of all trades yet a master to none. I used to think being versatile is actually a good thing, yes sure it is and I still think it is an advantage but one should have a core skill or talent that should continually be honed and developed, one that you can honestly say you are good at and from then you can start with a sound plan for a career to pursue and decide where you life is heading.

One of the best way to answer this is to decipher what I really want, anything that is relevant to my passion and something I will never get tired of doing. But still it leads me to a hundred different choices. It’s hard to choose when all of the choices seems right and you seem to like every single choice available. You can’t choose all, in life not everyone is given the chance to choose all of the above.

As of writing, I realized that all I need is take risks and be courageous. Yes that’s it! The courage to choose and the faith to believe I made the right choice. If only courage can be contained in a pill like an over the counter medicine sold at the side of every grocery racks, I would definitely fill a basket.

I may not be there yet but one thing I’m very sure, no matter what choices I will make and road to take, I want to be a person whose success can help shed light and inspiration to everyone. In God’s perfect time I know I will find my own niche in an industry I rightfully belong.

The good side of pretending

I wish I could tell you I’m genuinely happy. Well, I’m trying my best to be happy and look at the brighter side of life. Some days I find it challenging to pull myself together, paint that smile and act like there’s nothing wrong. I believe I have the gift to convince people I’m happy even though I’m completely shattered inside.  I mastered the art of pretending to be happy just because my job requires me to look happy as possible. I’m starting to use it on my advantage and it helps.

I learned that you don’t have the obligation to always let people know of how you really feel for the reason they might use it against you. There are people who find vulnerability as a weakness and when they figured out your one, you’ll be their next victim and prey you by trying to inflict pain and see you feeling unstable and miserable. Guess what? You can win the fight, give them a battle they’ll regret. How? Just be totally happy! It’s that simple.  Don’t get affected by everything they are throwing at you and the pain they are trying to caused you.

Sometimes you need to be a little insensitive not with the feelings of others but with your own . They are just squeezing the worst in you not knowing through their actions they are slowly revealing the worst in them and their capricious side.  One way or another you’ve helped them discover more of their self, the monster in them. Brilliant! Give them a little mystery, be tough and let them wonder why.

I once read an article that says “pretending to be happy will eventually make you really happy” even by just simply smiling. I don’t know the exact science for it,  but it has something to do with endorphins. That is enough reason to always convince yourself to be happy even when everything seems bleak and unbearable. Happiness is a choice and a decision you have to make.

Could you count how many times I mentioned the word happy? It’s one of the few words that is irreplaceable in the dictionary, nothing would best describe happiness but happy itself.

Speak happy and you’ll be happy!

Be happy, it’s contagious.