Acne story update!

Here’s a look of the productssssss (in its most plural form) I have used for the past two months in my quest for clear skin.

Some of these products might worked on you but sad to say, none of these worked on my face. Except for that lip scrub from Human Nature.

I have tried a lot of products, toners, creams from the cheapest to the most expensive but if you have a combination skin just like me, looking for the perfect products that suits your skin will be more likely as hard as trying to kiss your elbows.

It’s even frustrating when a friend recommends a specific brand that “healed” their zits but apparently when you tried it, did not worked as expected or temporarily “cured” your zits somehow just for a week or two. Well I guess, we all have different skin types, different skin issues that needs different solutions. One thing I have learned in dealing with acne is there’s no such thing as “one size fits all”. It doesn’t mean that if a specific product worked for someone, it would worked on you as well, it’s really important to identify your skin type to know what it needs in order to address the problem.

After all the search for the right skin care prouducts that suits my skin type, I found a product that works well for my skin and it’s Beautederm! It does wonders for me. I’ve been using it for more than a week now and there is really visible difference from day 1. I will be posting a separate update on it.

How about you?

What products have you used before? Share your experience. I will be glad to read them!


No Filter!

As I was browsing over google and social media sites about acne, I was able to go through pages with photos and articles of body positivity mostly from people dealing with acne and I was glad to find out that in a world where everything is made to look perfect, there is still people who prefers raw, unedited and real photos. #NoFilter #SkinPositivity

As someone who struggled with acne and other skin imperfections for a decade and is familiar with all the frustration, self hate and pain that comes in dealing with acne, looking at closeups of people embracing their breakouts makes me feel less alone.  Since I started blogging on my acne story I learned so many things and I am now more confident to face the wonderful but cruel world because of all the comments and support that you guys are giving me.

Let’s admit it, we’ve always been trying to pose the best photos of ourselves, right angles and pimple free photos. In our generation where “perfection” seems to be everyone’s ultimate goal, we tend to be more competitive and thus lead us to do everything just to be part of the bandwagon and we often use the most convenient and easiest option to somehow look perfect online, that is to “edit and filter out photos” but sadly we tend to overdo it.

Here’s my share of that “too much edited”.


I’m not saying using photo editor and filters is not good. It is, it actually helps to enhance and bring out the best in a photo, but let’s not take it to a point wherein a photo becomes misleading and would not define you as a person anymore. Enhance but don’t overdo. I would like to quote a statement from someone I admire whom I think truly made sense in saying “Why should anyone feel compelled to art-direct their very existence? Why isn’t reality good enough?”

To you who are battling with acne, get out from the shadows of filters and stop comparing your photos to anyone.Trust me, most likely they aren’t real at all. Embrace your imperfections!

At the end of all these, one thing I’ve learned the hard way is to not let my skin hold me back from what I want to do in life. I have to push forward!


Be real!

Boy Pimple.

Poem 002

He stayed,

Because you told him to wait.

He stayed,

Because you gave him reasons to wait.

He still stayed,

Even though you didn’t come back.

He still stayed,

Because he’s hoping you’ll love him back.

Week 1: Beautederm Set

Last December 2017, I was given the chance to host the Beautederm Fashion Show for a Cause wherein I was able to meet their brand ambassadors, users, dealers and even the owner who is unbelievably genuine. I know, you might be thinking why they picked me, even I was also wondering. I was actually hesitant to accept the hosting gig because I know I will be working with enviously fair flawless models and product users. I’m afraid I might end up feeling insecure and belittle myself but surprisingly I didn’t feel it that way. They were all nice to me, I felt flawless!

Anyways, during the event I heard a lot of life changing testimonies from their users, looking at their faces, their dewy and clear skin is enough to prove they are telling the truth. The testimonies from users who once suffered from acne and other skin imperfections are very persuasive and really genuine, now they are beyond thankful for their renewed skin thus changed their life to be better.

Now, I’m giving Beautederm set a try. For first time users, they suggested the Travel Set. It contains

  • 1pc 5g Day Cream
  • 3pcs 5g Night Cream
  • 1pc 50ml toner
  • 1pc soap 75g
  • It also has a manual for instructions on how to properly use it.


This is how I look like after 1st day of using it. If you can see, I have zits, pimple marks and scars. This would be our basis if it does wonders. I’m surprised I’m not anymore ashamed to share my bare face online. Confidence, confidence!

Let’s see if this one would workout on my skin!

I’ll keep you posted!

Boy Pimple.

Poem 001

Suddenly, he got tired.

Tired of wearing the mask of someone you want him to be.

Tired of competing to someone he never knew.

Tired of proving he is good for you.

He walked away, because he knew, he was never enough for you.

My acne story.

I guess it’s time for me to share a piece of my own to everyone, a reality of what I’ve been going through ever since and be more open about myself and my struggles in this fight where I can’t seem to win. I’ve been wanting to share this but my inner self is holding back because I fear people would judge and reject me. Well I hope not. Now, I finally have the courage to accept the situation and face it without hesitations and apprehensions.

And yes, this is my acne story. (If you’re currently eating might as well finish your food before your stomach gets upset with the things you are about to read.)

I started having pimples when I was in second year highschool which I find pretty normal since it’s the time when your hormones are changing and all the related adolescence stuff explanation. I didn’t look at it as a problem not until when I reached third year highschool and my face started to swell, with several pimples all over my face, blackheads starts to appear, pimple marks are too visible and a few zits that already caused scars on my face. I felt worried. I didn’t know what to do.

I consulted my friends and was given tons of advises from the basic “take enough rest”, “drink glutathione”, “use perla”, “apply panoxyl” and even “ask for your sister’s used napkin and wipe the blood on your face” Yes, it’s as disgusting as that. You know, highschool.

I followed all their advices except the last one of course. I also tried almost all kinds of soaps, toner and creams, from the cheapest to the most expensive still my pimples did not disappear. I even felt it was more aggravated, probably because of constantly changing of facial products. I felt anxious. I wanted to get rid of it because a.) It doesn’t look good b.) I’m starting to admire someone and having a pimple would make me less noticeable and c.) Who loves pimple anyway?

I reached fourth year highschool and things got worst. My face is as red as tomato, huge pimples with puss on it, acne marks and scars are already visible some even with blood. Prom and graduation came, still all these imperfections are on my face. That is the reason I never really enjoyed highschool that much. I lost my self confidence. It affected me so much. I felt inadequate.

I started searching for the best remedy, didn’t eat sweets and did whatever it takes to somehow improve my face. Luckily, a friend advised me to try the “dalacin c formula”. It’s not costly and easy to prepare. It worked wonders for me, pimples starts to clear and my complexion improved. The miracle lasted for more than 5 years. My self confidence was renewed, started to receive “you look good” compliments, I felt better and was able to bounce back again. That was by far my glory days! I even won a pageant and several competitions. It’s not that I’m bragging, just trying to make a point. But I guess, all good things just have to end. My pimples had their revenge and this time, even more tougher and stronger “pimple formula” that my “dalacin c formula” can’t cope up with it. I was left wondering what just happened, I can’t even think of living that “pimpled” life again. The pain and agony of going through it again, I just cant take it!

Here’s a photo when “dalacin c formula” seems to go well with my face.



Living a “pimpled face” is never easy. Not everyone knows this, but I went through depression. I didn’t want to talk to anyone, I felt not good enough, I felt so insecure and down that I came to a point of attempting suicide for so many times. Yes, you read it right. I know, you might think it’s too shallow.  I know not everyone will understand, that’s also the reason why I didn’t share this to my friends not even my family. But for me and the people living with acne the struggle is damn real, the pain and suffering of having all these puss!

It’s even harder for me because in the industry I belong, looking well groomed and being confident is very important and having acne is of no good! People I work with won’t notice this but I’m honestly just pushing myself to be confident and put on that fake smile to look as happy as possible simply because my job requires me to be, but behind that smile and that oh so confident guy lies all my insecurities and a broken confidence. As of writing, I have 7 new pimples that just popped up and guess what, I have a hosting job tomorrow. Now, how am I supposed to feel good about myself with all of these zits!

I hope I have a better story to tell you on my next post. As for now, join me in my 90 days to clear skin!

By the way, this is how I look now. (Obviously, no filter)

If you’ve been through the same thing, kindly post a comment, it will be comforting to know that I’m not alone in this battle.

Boy Pimple.

Outfit on Replay!


We all have that favorite top, jeans and pair of shoes that we have been using for ages probably because we feel comfortable wearing it, we like how it perfectly fits our style or simply you feel at your best wearing it. By simply labeling it as  “favorite” it is often used as a reason to overuse an entire outfit or parts of it over and over again,  and I believe there’s nothing wrong with it for as long it is appropriate for your whereabouts. I mean, if your favorite top is a Hawaiian polo shirt with huge floral prints you would never think to wear it on a formal business meeting or a debut nonetheless you’ll turn yourself into a laughing stock.

Here’s my share of overused outfit. Top from Penshoppe, Jeans from Dickies and Shoes from SM Shoes got all these since I was in college except for the shoes which I bought less than a year ago. I don’t usually go out of the box when it comes to choosing the clothes I wear, I settle for basic and classic pieces that never goes out of style. One thing I also like about it is the fact that you can wear it to almost any ocassion without looking underrated. You can wear it on a small gathering with friends, family dinner or just a date in the park. I’ll be posting more of my favorite outfit here, soon. I actually don’t like using the term “outfit” it sounds too mainstream. Is there any substitute for it? Well, I can’t think of any. Let’s just settle with “outfit” for now.

Proud “outfit” repeater here!